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 The Forum Rules

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PostSubject: The Forum Rules   Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:38 am

On this forum we support free speech, but keep it PG-13.

Everything listed below IS NOT ALLOWED. Repetitive violations and major violtions will result in bans.

Inappropriate Conversation Topics/Spam

Ignoring Moderator and Administrator Requests

Profile Abuse
This would be things like innapropriate avatars and signatures. Keep it PG-13!

Violation of Intellectual Property
It's illegal and will deffinately get you a place on my 'to-ban' list.

Offensive and Illegal Images
This deffinately won't be tolerated, illegal images shall result in immediate bans.

Multiple Accounts
Seriously, if we notice how a few accounts seem to always agree with what you say and grossly increase your post count, we will find you.



Please post in English. Also make it comprehensible, I 'dunt wanna red u r guy ptos cuz it r 2 hard 2 red.' This includes repeat words, dragged out words and using some crazy font no-ne can read.

Do not post in 1337 speak, for no other reason than it annoys people.

This is a soical gathering place, but not a chatroom. It is meant for social debates not what you had for dinner.

Do not post duplicate threads, it just makes clutter.

Calling somethng cheesey or beardy should be backed up with evidence. If not, it will be consdered as spam.

We don't want to know about your personal life on this forum. Posts like these will be removed.

Advertisements are not allowed without my permission, bans will be handed out on this one.


Avatars should fit into the space provided by this forum, innapropriate items will be removed and punished accordingly.

Picture signatures are allowed! All signatures should be exactly 500 pixels wide by 120 pixels tall or smaller. This is simply for those people who might be on dial-up or their mobie phones.

Signatures should have no more than 5 lines of text, we don't want our forum to consist of signatures rather than posts.


If you violate these forum guidelines you will be subject to suspension and permanent bans from this forum.

If you see this kind of stuff going on, feel free to report to the moderation team.
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The Forum Rules
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